Cleaners reveal what decades of smoking inside does to your walls and carpets

A HORRIFIC clip shows what decades of smoking inside our home does to your walls and carpet.

In the clip shared on the ViralHog YouTube channel, the once white tiles and walls of an American home is completely covered in an orange layer of tar.

The group of cleaners tackled the tar-covered home admitting the original owners had chain-smoked indoors for 21 years without ever opening a window.

This resulted in nicotine tar "seeping out of the walls even after being cleaned," and not even the appliances were saved.

The cleaners said: "A day on the job cleaning a house after 21 years of smoking without opening the window. Nicotine tar was seeping out of walls even after being cleaned.

"It's not my house, it’s my profession. Literally, everything was orange even inside of the fridge and microwave. I ripped out the carpet and linoleum flooring."

The stomach-churning clip shows them painstakingly cleaning the walls, which change colour from orange to white with a single wipe. 

The kitchen tiles had patches of clean floor from where their white goods once stood, which managed to escape being discoloured over the years. 

At one point in the clip, someone pours out the dirty water in the sink which they'd been using to clean, and it had turned a disgusting shade of brown.

People who saw the clip were shocked with one saying "this will make a good anti-smoking video."

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