Cleaning fanatic shares genius way to get trainers white in seconds – plus a great wrinkle-busting hack for washing too | The Sun

TRIED everything to turn your trainers bright white again? Or maybe you’re sick of ironing everything? 

Luckily one cleaning fanatic has shared his top tips – and they’re all so easy to do. 

Armen Adamjan, known online as @creative_explained, regularly shares cleaning tips with his 2.5 million Instagram followers. 

In a recent video, the content creator shares his top tips for getting rid of ring marks, wrinkles in your clothes and smeary mirrors. 

“Water rings. Just put a damp cloth over them and then iron them out. 

“Check this out, boom! Gone. 


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“Streak-free mirrors. Just dip a teabag into some water and then use it to clean your mirrors. 

“Check this out, crystal clear!

“Wrinkly shirt. Throw it in a dryer. One ice cube for one minute. Winkles gone! 

“If you put a few drops of nail varnish remover on a cotton pad, you can bring out the whites in your shoes! 

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“When you’re done sweeping the floor, spray the pile with some water. Wipe with a paper towel, and nothing gets left behind. 

“Stove tops. Just sprinkle some baking soda, add some fresh lemon juice, and watch it sizzle. Scrub and wipe it clean. 

“Shower glass doors. Fill up a spray bottle with vinegar, spray the glass, let it sit for 10 minutes. 

“Throw on some baking soda. Put some salt on half a lemon like this, scrub the glass and then wipe it off. Crystal clear! 

“Unshrink clothes. Hot water in a bucket. Add about a half cup of the conditioner you use for your hair, mix it up, let your clothes soak in there for 30 minutes. 

“Take it out, remove the excess water. Let it dry, boom! I can fit in it now!” 

Fans loved the quick and easy hacks, with the video gaining more than 232,000 likes. 

In the comments, the cleaning pro’s followers raved about his tips, with one writing: “Now can you just teach me how to remember all this stuff when I need it?!? This is gold.” 

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Although not everyone was keen on the suggestions, with one writing: “Not very good for the environment sticking one t-shirt in dryer. Just hang them properly while drying will keep them decent.” 

Another added: “Don't use baking soda on the glass. You need to understand that baking soda is not that reactive. Baking soda is abrasive, after few dozen times you'll just leave a ton of micro scratches.”

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