Dissecting Blake Lively's Peculiar (Though Honestly Kind of Chic?) Drawn-On Shoes


It All Started When Blake Shared This Picture Featuring Her “Heels”

Ryan Reynolds may have just voted in his very first presidential election as an American citizen, and I’m thrilled to see him fulfill his civic duty, but I’m actually here to discuss his wife, Blake Lively — and more specifically, her “shoes.” (More on the use of quotation marks soon, don’t you worry.) On Thursday, the famous couple posed side-by-side for a handful of pictures to encourage early voting, each grinning from ear to ear while clutching their mail-in ballots. Blake donned a plaid Oak + Fort jacket, a mauve turtleneck, pink SLVRLAKE jeans, and brown “heels.” (You probably see where I’m going with these quotation marks by now, but just play along, OK?) The actress shared one of the snaps on Instagram, tagging Christian Louboutin’s Instagram account over her feet, as celebrities often do for #OOTDs.

Now, this was all fine and dandy until approximately two minutes later when Ryan entered the chat and shared the exact same photo, except Blake was simply standing on her tippy toes and not wearing the aforementioned, alleged Louboutins. A quick zoom on the picture Blake first shared reveals that she actually drew on the strappy brown sandals Microsoft Paint style. Busted! But you know what? From afar, they actually looked pretty darn chic, if I do say so myself. And I can hardly blame her for not wanting to wear heels right now.

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