DIY fan who couldn't afford £200 trendy window mirror makes her own for just £22 using eBay bargains

IF money were no object then we would have bought one of the trendy window mirrors that have been clogging up our Instagram feeds months ago.

But as stylish as they are, this interior trend comes at a price – and a VERY high one at that.

So if you're anything like us and can't bear to spend hundreds on a mirror, then you might want to take a leaf out of this DIY fan's book.

After being unable to find a window-style mirror for under £200, mum-of-two Emma Honhold, from Sussex, decided to make one herself.

Posting on her Instagram account Inside 150, Emma purchased a plain long black mirror from eBay for £20 along with a £2 roll of black washi tape to make the panels.

The mum started by measuring the mirror and marking out where she wanted the tape in black pen.

She then stuck one straight line of tape down the middle of the mirror to split it in two.

After this, Emma began making her "window panels" by sticking the tape lengthways from where she'd previously measured.

To finish off, she then added another line of tape to make the panels thicker.

Unsurprisingly Emma's DIY mirror has proved to be a hit with her 1,300 followers.

"OMG this is genius," one replied.

Another gushed: "So effective!"

"This is amazing," a third said. "And now I massively regret just spending £120 on a mirror that looks exactly like this…"

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