Ex-Starbucks employee slammed for 'petty' way she'd get revenge on rude customers – but she’s not the only one

IF, like us, you rely on your morning brew to get you through the day, then there's a lot depending on the barista getting your morning coffee right.

But a woman has claimed she'd deliberately give rude customers the wrong order when she worked in a coffee chain, and she's not the only one.

Specifically, the woman revealed in a clip on TikTok that she would "give rude customers decaf espresso to start their day," and filmed herself laughing at the idea.

Although her clip appears to have been taken down, another user named @dolltin was quick to back up her claims and admitted he did the same thing.

The ex-Starbucks employee revealed that he worked for the coffeehouse giant for two years and would also swap out caffeinated drinks for decaf, just because he "felt like it."

He often took aim at "rude customers" or those who pronouced croissant with a "French accent" and other coffee drinkers are outraged.

Responding to the original woman's clip, @dolltin said: "This is 100% true."

He explained: "I decaffed so many rude people, I would decaff people just if I felt like it."

He also took aim at people who weren't French but would order a croissant in a French accent.

"Like if you ordered a croissant and you said ‘kwa-sonte’."

But said: "If you are French, if you have a French accent … you come in and you order a croissant [with a French accent], I'll give you one. I'm not gonna decaf you."

His admission sparked outrage in the comments with angry coffee drinkers branding the move "petty."

“That would absolutely ruin my day,” one said.

“What is wrong with these baristas,” another raged.

“You’re a menace,” someone else lamented.

While one woman said: “Employees are real people who deserve respect but this aint it.”

Another admitted: "This kind of stuff makes me worried that the thing I'm ordering aren't the things I'm getting."

While one more wrote: "That sounds like you shouldn't have had your job."

However, there were many who supported the act of revenge, stating those who were angry had clearly never worked in a customer service role.

“This is why you need to treat workers the best, always,” one user wrote.

“If you treat an employee badly, they’re gonna do the same back. I think that’s fair,” someone else agreed.

“This is the kind of pettiness I like to see,” one added.

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