Exhausted mum praised for showing what her kid's lunch box look like on days she’s too ‘broke and tired’ to do more

BENTO lunchboxes and perfectly packed lunches might look extremely satisfying, but for many busy mums it's unrealistic.

And one mum has been praised for her realistic approach to school lunches after sharing what her kids' lunch boxes look like on days she’s too "broke and tired" and simply can't be bothered.

The Australian woman posted on Facebook, where she said that "we all have those days" when we are "too busy, too tired and too broke" to make the perfect meal.

On those days, the mum simply chucks in a selection of pre-packed snacks and uses lots of plastic – things strict mums often see as issues.

In her post, she wrote: "This is for all the mummas out there who see these posts of amazing, creative and balanced lunches but are too busy, too tired or too broke to do the same.

"We all have these days! You know what, my child is fed and at the end of the day, fed is best"

Her kid's lunchbox included some popcorn, cashews, crackers, a cookie from Subway and french onion dip – as well as an orange and some cash for her kid to buy more.

The mum's honest post resonated with hundreds on Facebook, with many admitting they do something similar when they're strapped for time or too tired.

"That's exactly what I think. It's hard to get some kids to eat," another mum posted.

While many shared photos of thier own packed lunches.

"'My daughter just started back at school yesterday," one said, "I'm very proud of her because she gets lunches like this and never complains. She has never complained since she started daycare and now she's 9.

And continued: "It makes me feel so humbled to know that even though her friends have these lunchboxes with bento parts, that she still doesn't complain and is content with what she gets."

"I won't lie, this is my kids' lunch every day minus the lunch order money,' another parent admitted. 

"I work two jobs and struggle to find the time to cook dinner let alone make amazing lunches every day."

Other parents said mums and teachers need to stop being so "judgmental" about what parents pack for their kids.

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