Fashion Expert Clinton Kelly Tells You How To Save Vs. Splurge With Your Wardrobe

With the weather changing, and tons of holiday sales happening(!), you may have the itch to buy a whole new wardrobe! An expert fashion consultant is offering his EXCLUSIVE tips on what to buy this winter!

We were able to chat with fashion expert Clinton Kelly, who told EXCLUSIVELY what we need to wear this fall and winter! “A trending color we’re seeing for fall is burgundy,” Clinton tells us. “You can try this classic autumn hue in a sweater or jacket, or try it as a seasonal pop of color in a scarf or leather handbag. Violet is another fun trending color we’re seeing trickle in from summer to fall. You can try it in an accessory or go bold with a violet peacoat.” Winter doesn’t officially start until Dec 21, so wear those jewel-tones all month with pride!

We spoke to Clinton at a Marshalls event, where it’s easy to find designer pieces for less. We asked about his top deal tips. “I love splurging on exciting and special pieces that I’ll wear season after season. A great piece to splurge on this fall is a moto jacket. While I love a classic brown or black jacket, I also really like the statement colors I’m seeing this season like red and metallic. Marshalls is my go-to for updating my wardrobe each season because I can always find a fresh mix of high-quality brands and styles — I’m able to get the quality ‘splurge-worthy’ pieces I’m searching for at amazing prices. When it comes to basics like long sleeved shirts for layering or oversized sweaters, I like to search for great prices so I can save for special pieces.”

We love wearing bright colors, but do too many bold shades clash? Clinton says, be fearless! “The 80s and 90s are back! I’m loving the neon sweaters and jackets I’m currently seeing. I love that you can pair an orange neon sweater with black and white plaid pants for a fun retro-inspired look – it reminds me of my high school days! Marshalls has a great assortment of the latest trends and with such incredible prices, it’s fun to experiment with the latest looks of the season.”

Another great money and time-saving tip is to pick pieces that will really last. “The trick to making clothes last for more than one season is to ensure you’re properly caring for the garment. When I’m buying knits or cashmere especially, I make sure that I’m checking the tags carefully before I potentially throw them in my washer. I also recommend folding your sweaters (versus hanging them) to help maintain their shape. And if you’re tight on space, try folding the sweater over a hanger to make sure they aren’t stretched and look their best next season.”

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