Forget Flower Crowns! Try These 2 New Festival-Ready Hair Ideas

Your festival beauty inspo file is getting two major additions thanks to celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan Opens a New Window. .

Instead of relying on bold hair colors and regular ol’ flower crowns for Coachella, the Kardashian-favorite Opens a New Window. hairstylist showcased two new styles over the weekend that are equally as awesome (if not better).

Coachella 2019: Celebrity-Inspired Hair and Makeup Ideas for Festival Season Opens a New Window.

On Saturday, April 6, she posted the first of our new favorites in an Instagram video, showing floating flowers throughout the lengths of the hair. In spring-perfect shades of light yellow and blue, the size and shapes vary for a interesting and unique look.

It may look tricky, but according to her, it’s not. The hair guru posted a series of snaps to her Instagram Story to show how she created the look Opens a New Window. using faux flowers from a craft store and wig tape. She simply cut the tape into small pieces and stuck t to the back of the petals. Then, after styling the hair, she tucked them into the strands. That’s it — that’s all there is to it.

At this point, a flower crown is so “been there, seen it a million times.” This lovely look is the perfect alternative to spice up things up while keeping it floral.

For the second style, she opted for butterflies over flowers. Maintaining the feel of floating objects, she was able to use 3D faux bugs that she also picked up at a craft store. But she didn’t just place and stick them on the surface of the hair. In the caption she explains that she strung them onto a clear piece of string, which she pinned to the top so they fell into the length of the hair

“What do you guys think?” she asked in the caption. “Would you try this look?”

In a heartbeat, Justine!

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