Four well-endowed men reveal reality of having a massive willy — from making partners cry during sex to giving them confidence in the gym – The Sun

MANY men crave a larger willy – but is bigger always better?

Recently a Sun reader wrote to Dear Deidre saying his large penis was destroying his relationship.

He told how his girlfriend doesn’t enjoy sex and it takes her a week to recover from one session.

So how big is too big? A recent survey found the average UK penis is 6.36in, with the biggest ones found in Wales, where they average 6.56in. Meanwhile it emerged that under a Scotsman’s kilt is an average of 6.45in.

Georgette Culley hears from three well-endowed men and their partners, while a single bloke tells what it’s like living with a ten-incher and a sex therapist gives her view.

Joe: 9inch parsnip

PHOTOGRAPHER Joe O’Brien, 31, lives with his long-term partner, make-up artist Jasmine Jones, 24, in Wellingborough, Northants.

HE SAYS: "I’ve never known any different but according to statistics, in the UK my willy is well above average at nine inches.

"To me, size does matter. Mine has made me confident in every aspect of life, from getting changed in the gym to impressing a new sexual partner. I’ve never had to worry about my size or about getting naked.

"I think this is why I’ve always had a healthy sex life and a lot of sexual partners.

"But men shouldn’t get hung up on their size. Everybody likes different things in the bedroom and communication is the key to a successful relationship.

"But for me, it’s a pleasure knowing I can please Jasmine with my goods."

JASMINE SAYS: "Joe is the largest I’ve been with, but it’s no problem. To me he’s the perfect size, and it’s definitely improved our sex life.

“With a bigger size you can be more adventurous and experimental in bed and you don’t need to rely on foreplay as much. Having had some pretty unmemorable sexual experiences, I often didn’t enjoy sex much until I met Joe.

“I believe his size is one of the things that makes him feel more confident, both in his body and in his general outlook on life.

“And I’m sure many women would agree, confidence is a very attractive quality in a man."

Kris: 8inch aubergine

BOOKIE Kris Dixon, 23, lives with partner Sydnie Bradbury, 21, and their one-year-old daughter in West Drayton, Middlesex.

HE SAYS: "I’ve had girls who have refused to have sex with me because my penis is too big – around eight inches when erect.

"One even needed hospital treatment because I accidentally injured her down below. All these experiences really scarred me.

"Having a big penis doesn’t mean sex will be good for the woman. After all, it’s not the size of the ocean, it’s the motion.

"I envy guys with an average-size penis. Six inches would be more than enough for me, but with Syd’s help we’ve managed to make my size work for us.

"My advice to big men who worry about injuring their partner is take it slow and maximise foreplay."

SYDNIE SAYS: "Kris’s penis is like a big vegetable and I nearly died of shock when I saw it.

“At first, sex was tough and we had to use lots of lube, and even then it was still painful.

“With a bigger penis you have to experiment with lots of positions. The best for me is on top, so I can control it.

“When we first met, Kris was worried about his size and feared he’d hurt me, especially as past partners have been too scared to have sex.

“This caused a complex and it took us a while to enjoy sex. Now our sex life is great but we have to be careful. People presume only small guys have complexes, but Kris’s size affected him too."

Joe: 9.5inch carrot

RIDING instructor Joe Hutchins, 23, from Penryn, Cornwall, is partnered with student Tally Hopkins, 22.

HE SAYS: "Growing up, I always had to get trousers tailored around the crotch area.

"Over the years I learnt how to position my penis when I’m horse riding, but it still causes me a lot of pain when I’m showjumping.

"Women can have breast reductions, but men can’t have penis reductions.

"I’ve always been very gentle with partners. I’ve had girls burst into tears from pain during sex.

"Tally has been amazing and patient. My advice to other guys with this problem is to not be embarrassed and seek help."

TALLY SAYS: "Before I met Joe I’d never had sex with a man whose penis was above six inches.

“When I felt his bulge for the first time it was terrifying. We tried to have sex but it was too painful and we had to stop.

“Joe was very understanding and a few days later we tried again, but it was no good. I was crying in pain.

“We saw a GP who explained that just seeing a well-endowed man can be scary, as you can create a mental block and freeze.

“She advised me to do yoga, to become more flexible and strengthen my pelvic floor muscles, and to try different positions. She also said always to use lube and try a numbing cream initially.

“After four weeks of yoga, I’d loosened up and we had sex for the first time. Now our sex is good and his size doesn’t scare me.”

Albert: 10inch cucumber

SINGLE builder Albert Pritchard, 34, from Romford, Essex, reckons his size is ruining his sex life and he can’t get a girlfriend because of it.

HE SAYS: "I have a ten-inch penis and it has wrecked a lot of my relationships. I have a high sex drive but women say sex with me is too sore for them, particularly in positions such as doggy style – which is my favourite.

"It became such a problem in one of my relationships that we were arguing about it all the time and it completely ruined our intimacy.

"Every day when I looked down it was like a big reminder of what we were missing. In the end we broke up, blaming big differences – excuse the pun.

"Another girl I was seeing tried so hard to accommodate me that we even went to a sexual health clinic for help.

"A nurse told us to make sure we incorporated lubricant into our sex life, but it took a lot of the joy and passion out as a result, as we always felt like we were preparing for a surgical operation beforehand.

"I always get a lot of stares from other men when I’m getting changed at the gym. They might be looking at me with envy but they wouldn’t if they knew the problems it caused.

"I also have to be careful with the boxers and trousers I buy – too small and I can be really uncomfortable.

"I guess sometimes less is more."

Solving big problems

SEX therapist Louise Van Der Velde writes:

Big willies can be a real problem in the bedroom. I’ve treated lots of couples with this problem.

People assume only men with small packages feel inadequate, but so do men well above the average size.

The stress can cause women to mentally dread having sex.

This causes them to seize up, which is the worst thing that can happen, as it then makes it even harder to have sex.

I’d encourage couples to engage fully in foreplay, making massage a part of their loving, and urge the men to go very slow and add lots of lubricant.

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