From Riverdale to Rock Star! KJ Apa Teams with Fossil on Music-Inspired Watch

You know and love KJ Apa as high school hottie Archie Andrews on the hit show Riverdale. But playing a teen dream on TV is just one of his many talents. The aspiring musician has also made his mark on the fashion world, first teaming up with Fossil last year to design his own custom digital watch dial for the brand’s newest line of touchscreen smart watches — the Q Explorist HR. 

Now he’s back at it as the brand’s ambassador, helping launch Fossil’s latest collaboration with Crosley.

The watch company and iconic audio company have joined forces to create a vintage styled, limited-edition watch that features a dial with tone-armed shaped hands and a spinning disc second hand — paying homage to Cosley’s legendary turntable. The two brands also created a one-of-a-kind record player that matches the watch!

Apa, 21, exclusively talked to PEOPLE about Fossil’s new launch, his budding music career, and more below!

What do you love about the style of this new Fossil watch?

Because I love vintage records, turntables and speakers this watch is a favorite. It is literally a vintage vinyl record ticking away on my wrist. Perfect way to tell time if you ask me. They also collaborated with Crosley, who are a super cool brand that are bringing vintage record players to market and making them accessible for people of all ages to listen to records again.

How does it speak to your own personal fashion sense?

At first glance it just looks like a cool black watch with some interesting design elements – and only when you get closer do you see that it is literally a record on your wrist. I like having fun with fashion and a cool watch adds to that in every way.

Which one of your friends would you gift it to?

The entire cast of Riverdale has seen me wearing the watches – whether it was the smartwatch I designed, or the Mood watch that launched last fall. So I could never just pick one friend – it would have to be a group gift!

Music is something you’re really passionate about. Would you ever record an album of your own?

Definitely. My band, Legend, and I are working on it right now.

How does your musical taste differ from Archie’s?

I like a lot of different music — rock, jazz, funk, you name it.

Why do you enjoy listening to records?

Old school records played on a great system are an experience all their own. I recommend it!

What artists are you obsessed with right now?

Smashing Pumpkins, Grateful Dead, Eagles

Are you going to Coachella this year? Who are you excited to see?

I’m not going to Coachella this year because I’m going to Nashville to help celebrate the launch of the Crosley x Fossil collab. I will definitely miss the festival vibes, but I’ve never been to Nashville so I’m stoked to check out a city with so much musical history.

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