Funniest festive clothing fails, including a VERY rude pair of Christmas leggings

Sometimes things just don’t match up to their online photo – leaving people with hilarious looking outfits.

Dresses don’t quite fit, there are holes in some risqué places – or the item is completely different from what you ordered.

Luckily some people saw the funny side and shared snaps of their barmy purchases, while others were oblivious.

If you’re taking advantage of the Boxing Day sales, beware of what you could end up with.

And always make sure you have a back-up outfit.

Santa's little helper

Horsing around


Tiny dancer

Bum note

Throwback Thursday

Elf and safety

Jumper for joy

Spare a thought for these bored blokes waiting for their other halves to finish shopping.

If you decide to browse the internet instead, this is what happens when you shop online.

Plus here’s what happens when the pictures don’t quite match the products.

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