Get to Know: Georges Wendell

A look from Georges Wendell. Courtesy photo

Cheeky, suave and very Paris are a few way to describe emerging brand Georges Wendell. Designer Pierre Kaczmarek revived the brand, which originally began as a tailoring shop in Le Sentier, Paris’ Garment District, after graduating from his previous project, Afterhomework(Paris).

Like many around the world, Pierre described quarantine as challenging, especially because his creative process is so tied into his brand’s progress. “My brand is very lively, very connected to real life. I love feeling the city around me, spending time with suppliers and manufacturers, it’s a big part of my creative process” the designer said.

Looks from Georges Wendell. Courtesy photo

Georges Wendell’s authenticity comes from the inspiration Pierre finds in his environment. “I work on Paris stereotypes, I am surrounded by them. Georges Wendell comes from a real culture that exists in real life,” he said.

His fall 2021 collection reflects just that, playing with different patterns and styles that populate the Paris streets. Pierre draws inspiration from casual business men and Parisian retail owners who walk around in their lighter or heavier garments, depending on the weather that day. “Right now it’s getting warmer in Paris and the city is slowly waking up. People are more in the streets, I see couples driving in cabriolets, they wear lighter clothes. It lights me up and inspires me in the best way.”

Moving forward, Pierre aims for a strong and solid business; he will continue to focus on the physical aspect whilst preparing a strong digital presence. 

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