Gigi Hadid and Kaia Gerber Showed Up at the Same Event Twinning

Neither Gigi Hadid nor Kaia Gerber was alive when Marc Jacobs showed his infamous grunge collection at Perry Ellis in 1992, but that little technicality won't stop them from going all-in on its 2018 relaunch. On Monday, the models attended a party in New York City in honor of the launch of the Redux Grunge Collection, each wearing similar pieces from the line in a maybe-accidental twinning moment that channeled Beetlejuice, yet another fashion icon from well before their time.

Hadid wore black and white vertically striped trousers and a matching blazer over a long-sleeved crop top with horizontal black and white stripes. She played up the '90s grunge factor with clunky black combat boots, but kept her hair solidly in 2018, courtesy of two space buns coiled on either side of her head. Gerber, meanwhile, sported an extremely similar jacket, though hers featured slightly more narrow stripes. Rather than going full Beetlejuice like Hadid, however, Gerber paired the blazer with black leather pants and a Rolling Stones band tee, and some combat boots of her own. Presley Gerber coordinated with his younger sister in a Nirvana tee, black leather jacket, and black pants, plus an old pair of black Converse sneakers.

For the record, Gerber and Hadid are, indeed, well-aware of the style star who put striped suits on the map. On Tuesday morning, Gerber shared a photo of her and Hadid at the party on her Instagram Story, tagging Hadid and Jacobs and writing, "BEETLEJUICE." Hadid reposted the photo on her own Story and made no mention of Tim Burton's 1988 classic, but added, "Jacobs twins" and "love u my lil angel."

Jacobs announced his decision to revamp the grunge collection earlier this month, when he recruited Naomi Campbell, who walked in the 1992 show, as well as the daughters of some of Campbell's fellow campaign stars, to model the Redux Grunge outfits. Though the original collection got him fired from Perry Ellis, Jacobs has long maintained his love for the grungy looks. "It’s still my favorite collection, because it marked a time when I went with my instincts against instructions, and I turned out to be right. It came out of a genuine feeling for what I saw on the streets and all around me," he told T magazine in 2015.

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