‘Gorgeousness coach’ claims he still gets ID’d at 47 – and a vegan diet and laughing (plus Botox) is the key to looking young

The life and health coach, 47, who charges up to £300-a-month for one-on-one sessions, reckons he's an expert in looking and feeling younger – and he's happy to share his advice.

Speaking exclusively to Fabulous Online Tristan, who splits his time between Woodford Green, London, and Tring, Hertfordshire, said: "Someone asked me for ID last week in Woodford Green, I was buying some wine.

"Every time it happens I think it’s going to be the last time but it’s kind of fun.

"I am slim, I'm 5 ft 7, I have my own hair, I am quite playful, I’ve just got one of those boyish faces and I do look after my skin.

"I take really good care of myself, but if I was tall and burly I don't think I'd get away with it.


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"I'm quite happy, it's funny but I'm like 'God what if I'm 50 and I still get asked for ID?'"

Tristan's obsession with skincare started when he had acne as a 16-year-old and he still does a full regime morning and night to keep his "oily skin" under control.

He said: "It was always a bit of a joke, because when I was 18 I looked about seven.

"It used to be quite annoying because no-one took me seriously, they thought I was a kid, even in my 20s. Then when I got older it became kind of funny.

"When I was 40 I went to my school reunion with people I hadn’t seen in 24 years.

"People’s jaws literally dropped. They were like ‘oh my God, you haven’t changed at all!’

"I thought ‘maybe I should do something with this, I could help people’.

"For me it isn’t just about how I look, it’s about feeling young and a lot of that’s to do with attitude and being open and playful and trying not to let things get me down.

"It used to be a joke, then it was a party piece and then it became I business. I thought ‘I might as well work with it!’"

How to look 10 years younger

Tristan Lee, Gorgeousness Coach

Tristan, who's a published author and happily single, has male clients too – but he says 65 per cent of them are women.

A former professional dancer, singer and even naked cleaner, the majority of his clients come to him for weight loss and anti-aging tips, with one woman losing nine stone under his guidance.

He claims his youthful appearance is 80 per cent down to exercise, healthy diet and skincare, but admitted he does get yearly Botox.

Tristan said: "About four or five years ago I noticed expression lines when I wasn’t expressing myself.

"So I had a bit of Botox, I have that once a year, but only half as much as other people do because I want to look fresh, not frozen. It’s more subtle.

"Then I had a little bit of filler because I lost a lot of weight in my face because I was exercising all the time.

"I’m not anti any of that, I think that’s part of the picture, but it looks more natural if you take care of your skin, then you’ll need to wear less make-up anyway.

"Good skin ultimately is a reflection of good lifestyle.

"I’m not really into the whole surgery thing, I really want to avoid that. I think you can really make a difference if you do it more subtly."

You can find out more about Tristan's services here.

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