Grandma creates an amazing dollhouse for her granddaughter for £80 using storage boxes and napkins

FROM L.O.L Surprise dolls to Nerf guns, there's no denying that our children's toy obsessions can cost a small fortune at times.

But rather than splashing out on a pricey dollhouse, one savvy grandma has revealed how she made her own from scratch for a reasonable £80 – and impressed mums are saying it's nicer than their ACTUAL homes.

Posting amazing images of her DIY project on the Facebook group Kmart Mums, Sharon Cochrane, 54, revealed how she turned a storage unit into her granddaughter's dream dollhouse and kitted it out with budget mini-furniture from the Australian superstore.

The grandmother told Kidspot: "My ideas came from my own childhood when we would make doll houses from cardboard boxes and whatever we had laying around.

"I like the fact that when she grows out using it as a dollhouse she can again use her imagination and it may become a shop counter or eventually use it as intended for books and decor."

Sharon also used bits and pieces she had lying around the house to add to the dollhouse – such as adding a compact mirror to the bathroom, a soap dish for the kitchen sink and napkins for the dolls' bedding.

The DIY project took Shannon an entire weekend to complete and she hopes it will encourage her granddaughter to recycle her toys.

She added: "I didn't like the shop bought bright pink plastic dolls houses and also wanted to encourage my grand-daughter to reuse, repurpose as she can use these skills in her future."

Unsurprisingly, other members of the group were blown away by the impressive doll house.

One replied: "That is the best Barbie house ever!"

"Why is that nicer than my whole house?" another joked.

"Wow, so much love has gone into that," a third gushed. "Lovely! Hope your granddaughter appreciates it."

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