Harry & Charles have a ‘hell of a lot of bad blood’ between them after Harry’s ‘low blow insults’, says royal expert

PRINCE Harry and his dad Prince Charles have a “hell of a lot of bad blood” between them, claims a royal expert. 

The Duke of Sussex dealt Charles “as low a blow” as possible with comments during his chat with Oprah Winfrey about Charles being “trapped” in the royal family, says Duncan Larcombe.

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The royal expert told Fabulous: “When it comes to Prince Charles, Harry was clearly attacking his own father. 

“There is a hell of a lot of bad blood between Charles and Harry and you can kind of understand it. 

“Prince Charles has been waiting to become King since the age of four, and it reaches the point when it is going to be in the not-too-distant future that his job will finally start. 

“And he’s got his very popular, very high profile son trying to sweep the mat from under his feet from saying his father and Prince William are trapped.”

Duncan pointed out that Charles has spent almost 70 years preparing and learning foreign languages and reading for the role. 

He added: “So for Harry to throw insults at his brother not wanting to be king is one thing, but to say it about your father who has waited 70 years to do that job, that’s about as low a blow as Harry could have dealt his dad.”

The Duke of Sussex said he "didn't see a way out" of the Firm in the explosive interview with Oprah.

And Meghan, 39, said her husband had "saved" her by making the decision to quit the Firm.

In the candid chat, Oprah asked Harry: "Would you have stepped back if it wasn't for Meghan?"

The 36-year-old dad replied: "No. I wouldn’t have been able to.

"I myself was trapped as well, I didn’t see a way out.

"I was trapped but I didn’t know I was trapped."

And he added: "My father and my brother – they are trapped. They don't get to leave and I have huge compassion for that."

Prince Harry later admitted his relationship with his dad Prince Charles and brother Prince William was strained.

He even claimed his 72-year-old father stopped taking his calls after Megxit.

And he said he felt "really let down" by his father, saying: "He knows what pain feels like.

"Of course I will always love him but there's a lot of hurt that's happened and I will continue to make it one of my priorities to try and heal that."

This comes as Charles left Meghan out of his birthday message to Archie. 

The sweet photo shared by Clarence House showed Charles, Prince Harry and Archie taken after the royal tot's christening.

Royal commentator Duncan Larcombe told Fabulous: “It’s pretty daft to leave her [Meghan] out of it given that it wasn’t that many weeks ago she was American TV throwing accusations about the royal family left, right and centre.

“I see that as a deliberate sign of Prince Charles.

“Surely Prince Charles has enough nous to know how sensitive the situation is with his younger son and his wife.”

Charles had private talks with Harry and William after the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral — and insiders say it is just what Philip would have wanted.

The three met up away from the cameras following the televised service.

They remained together for two hours at Windsor Castle as they mingled with family members on its Quadrangle.

It sparked hopes that the devastating rift between the brothers could one day be healed.

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And Meghan and Prince Harry are ‘deeply touched’ by ‘support for family’ on Archie’s birthday & ask for charity donations.

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