Heartbreaking reason Princess Diana refused to wear Chanel – ‘I can’t wear linked C’s’

Diana: Paul Burrell recalls amending Chanel shoes

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Princess Diana was famous for lots of things, but mostly for her impeccable style. She would wear beautiful clothes, including by designers like Versace and Dior. However, there was one particular brand she refused to use.

But what was it?

Princess Diana reportedly would not be seen in Chanel in the years after her separation from Prince Charles.

This got very intense during the months after her divorce from Prince Charles was announced in 1996.

But why was this?

Ingrid Seward, the editor of Majesty Magazine appeared on the Channel 5 documentary ‘What really happened between Princess Diana and Prince Charles?’ to explain.

She said: “At the time of the marriage I think Charles was not seeing Camilla but Diana was convinced he was and then her worst fears came true.”

Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter added: “Just before the wedding, Diana intercepted a package that arrived at Charles’ office and she insisted on opening it.

“It was a gold bracelet with the initials F and G for Fred and Gladys, which is what Charles and Camilla called each other, it was their nicknames for each other.

“Diana of course in floods of tears went to Charles and demanded to know what was going on, but Charles was so insensitive, he insisted on still giving it to Camilla.”

Penny Junor, a royal biographer also appeared in the documentary saying: “Charles did not show huge emotional intelligence if I’m brutally honest.

“He wore some cufflinks that Camilla had given him with two C’s entwined; he wore those on the honeymoon.”

Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell appeared in the documentary, adding: “Years later she made me pick off all the C’s off her Chanel shoes and the Chanel handbags.

“She couldn’t bear to see two C’s entwined,” he added.

Jayson Brundson, an Australian designer, also witnessed Diana refusing to wear Chanel clothes in the year 1996.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar Australia in 2018, Mr Brundson recounted his experience with the Princess and how he realised she refused to wear anything Chanel because of Charles and Camilla.

Back in 1996, Mr Brundson offered a pair of Chanel shoes to Diana to try on.

However, the Princess told him: “No, I can’t wear linked C’s, the double C.”

This was the post-divorce era and she wanted to avoid any reminder of her marriage and Charles’ infidelity, which he had admitted on television in 1994.

The year 1996 also happened to be the year Charles and Camilla got divorced.

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