Home cook shares simple hack to keep lettuce ‘fresh and crispy’ for a MONTH

STOPPING lettuce going limp in the fridge can be a challenge.

But one food blogger has revealed her simple hack for keeping the leaves "fresh and crispy" – which she says works for over a month.

Lama, from Florida, who posts as @TasteGreatFoodie, ended up leaving the lettuce in her fridge for a whole six weeks – and the leaves were still fresh.

All you need is a jar, which Lama put individual leaves into, filled with water and then put the lid on.

Showing off the hack, she said: "This is a great way to keep your lettuce nice and fresh. Submerge in water and it can last in the refrigerator for up to one month.

"The leaves will remain nice and crisp. Just pull it out of the fridge and drain it. You should definitely give this a try."

Showing off the results on February 21, she said: "January 10, I showed you guys how I submerged lettuce in water and I told you that it would last for a whole month.

"Well it's been way over a month and this is the piece of lettuce I showed you. It's still fresh and crispy.

"Now nobody wants to store your lettuce for a whole month, but this is a great idea if you're taking a vacation or you're leaving for two weeks, you can still come back to fresh lettuce."

If you have more than one or two leaves, you could try putting them in airtight plastic containers, such as Tupperware, instead of smaller jars.

To get these results, Lama was changing the water in the jar every couple of days, which does seem like a lot of effort.

But you can still extend the life of your lettuce by just putting it in water – thanks to a process called osmosis.

Lettuce should be fresh and crisp, but the water inside it can evaporate over time.

This means the pressure inside the lettuce cells drop and the leaves shrink and become droopy. 

To reverse this, simply immerse the lettuce leaves in cold water – and you can watch them come back to life.

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