How to Wear Shorts Anywhere — That's Not the Gym or a Music Festival

How to Wear Shorts Anywhere — That’s Not the Gym or a Music Festival

I’ve struggled for the better part of a decade to make shorts look cool. Chop off a pair of pants at the knee (or the thigh) and double the insecurities and the questions — how do I wear these to the office? Out to dinner? Anywhere that’s not a music festival? The truth is, they really are just pants, the kind of pants with lots of potential — especially when you factor in the many styles to choose from. Biker shorts and athletic varieties will play a big part in the Spring ’19 lineup, but so will longer, midlength silhouettes and Bermuda shorts. Read: there’s a pair to suit you just waiting to be styled. Need convincing? Read on for 38 ways to wear your shorts right, right now.

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