How you can bag groceries for just ONE PENNY this week with this easy shopping trick

THINGS a bit tight before pay day? Fear not, because you can bag a whole host of groceries for just one penny this weekend.

Starting from tomorrow Click Marketplace will be flogging a whole range of snacks and drinks for just one penny each.

Running for an entire week, the online retailer is offering enormous discounts on everyday essentials meaning you can shave huge amounts off your weekly shop.

Those hoping to stock up might want to note that customers are only permitted to purchase one of each item.

Bargains include tasty snacks such as Rocky Bars, Mint flavoured Club biscuits and even a box of Cadbury's Roses for just a penny.

Meanwhile, those feeling thirsty can take a sip on a Kolibiri CDB non-alcoholic cocktails or a Radnor Cherry & Raspberry can for just 1p.

The sale event is running from today until Sunday so you will have to hurry if you want to take advantage of the rock bottom prices.

As well as the 1p sale the site also offers a range of bargain cleaning hauls, USA bumper packs and boxes of fizzy pop, all at cut-price.

The website also has a dedicated Pound Shop section where you can pick up brands for a quid or less.

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