I asked if it was ‘acceptable’ to wear my Skims boxers and tank top as an outfit to Disney, it split opinion | The Sun

DIE-HARD Skims fans are willing to wear the brand in any setting, but are they any match for Disney's dress code?

That's the question one woman asked when she was packing for a trip to the happiest place on Earth, and viewers' opinions were mixed.

While preparing for a long day at Disney World, Elena (@sassysel3na) had trouble making a decision.

So, she turned to her followers, asking for their help directly in a video.

"Question," she said at the start of the clip. "Do you wear Skims boxers out in public?"

Elena modeled two pieces from Skims: a red tank top, $36, and matching boxers, $32.

"I've seen a girl wear them out in public," she said, explaining there was a precedent for the outfit she hoped to wear.

However, at first glance, Elena had been skeptical of the other Skims customer's outfit.

In fact, she admitted, her initial response was "Oh, so we're doing that?"

Elena was considering picking the two-piece set for her Disney park outfit, and with a bag and sunglasses, it looked more "dressed up."

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And she could even point out the main source of her reservations.

"This is throwing me off," she said, pointing at two seams right down the front of the boxers.

"If it didn't have these two lines right here," Elena said, she would have no hesitation.

So, she threw the question to her followers for a final verdict: "Do you think it's acceptable to wear this Skims piece in public?"

A few commenters shared Elena's reluctance, though they were certain the boxer shorts could be incorporated somehow.

"Black would be good because the lines would be less noticeable," suggested one viewer.

Another said, "Maybe put some ripped jean shorts over so you can still see them, but it's not just the boxers."

A few warned that Disney may find the shorts in violation of the dress code, and Elena would need to buy new clothes to cover up.

But other viewers were adamant that Elena could and should wear the boxers as-is.

Many said they regularly wore the same outfit as the one she modeled in her video.

"Why not?" asked one fan. "They're literally the same as those spandex sports shorts."

"Girl, you can," insisted another. She said that Elena was the type of woman who looked flawless in anything, adding, "You look amaze."

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Ultimately, caution won out, and the boxers stayed firmly in the "loungewear" camp.

Elena wore the red tank top to Disney, but she paired it with a pair of denim shorts and looked totally fashion-forward.

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