I asked my man to spice things up with sex in the car – but we ended up in A&E after we were interrupted by a COW

A COUPLE have revealed how they ended up in A&E after a cow interrupted their love making.

Brian and Hannah have been together nine years and were looking forward to a rare night out on the town.

Speaking on TLC’s Sex Sent Me to ER, Hannah said: “We were excited to have a night out together, because it had been a long time.

“After having a baby and buying a business we had to kind of slow down a little bit.”

After feeling a little frisky at the bar, the couple decided to drive to a local pasture for a quick romp in Brian’s truck.

Hannah says: "It wasn’t that weird but it wasn’t as comfortable as being in my own bedroom.”

“It was definitely awkward in the truck, at times you had to just stop and laugh about it,” Brian agreed.

But all of a sudden the couple were interrupted by an unexpected peeping Tom.

Hannah explains: “I peaked out of the window and there was a nose right there, there was a cow right up against the window and it scared me.”

But as Hannah jerked round in horror, she suddenly left in extreme agony.

Concerned Brian drives his wife to A&E where they are horrified to learn that she has a large mass on her abdomen that’s bleeding severely.

To make matters worse, Hannah’s dad shows up for moral support.

Brian adds: “Her dad was there and even though he knows we’re married he knows we have a kid, that’s still his daughter….It was definitely awkward.”

Tests reveal that the haemorrhaging was caused by an ovarian cyst that was ruptured during sex, but Hannah would make a full recovery.

Brian adds: “My relationship with my father-in-law, we’re definitely a lot closer because of this incident.

“There’s not a lot of things that are out of bounds anymore after those kinds of discussions.”

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