I clean filthy houses for FREE – one was so bad you couldn’t see a single surface, but it was spotless when I finished

IT'S EASY for the little things to pile up and become big things when it comes to cleaning.

Before you know it you can have a whole day, or weekend's worth of chores to do.

But in some cases the mess gets so out of control that it is overwhelming.

Luckily, cleaning whizz Aurikatariina is ready to lend a helping hand.

The cleaning queen regularly dons her rubber gloves and sorts out some of the most filthy homes, and she does it for free.

She documents the cleaning process on her YouTube channel, sharing helpful tips and tricks along the way.

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In one recent video she had her work cut out, the rubbish was piled high and dirt and grime covered every surface.

Auri got to work in the kitchen, first picking up all the mouldy rubbish that had taken over the space, before moving on to the worktops.

The keen cleaning used simple dish soap to remove the thick grime, "It's one of my favourite products," she noted.

The oven was one of the worst offenders in the entire house, months on baked on grime and dirt resulted made the oven look disgusting, but Auri had a special trick up her sleeve to remove the grime without scrubbing.

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The cleaning whizz said that dish soap is fine if the dirt isn't too bad, but for an extra kick an oven cleaning spray works best.

Her oven cleaning trick involved coating the stove top with the oven cleaner, then covering it with clingfilm and leaving "for at least six hours."

By which point the nasty grease and dirt will have softened enough to wipe away with no scrubbing.

She said: "You can use the same technique for your stove, inside your oven and the bottom on pots and pans."

Once she was finished in the kitchen it looked completely unrecognisable, the surfaces were restored to their bright white colour and these wasn't piece of rubbish in sight.

Auri also took on the bathroom and living room, where the renter, Sophie, had struggled to clean since she broke her hip and was forced to use a wheel chair.

She said: "There was grease and hard water stains on the taps and shower, so oven cleaner does the work."

The keen cleaner added that Sophie didn't have a bin in her bathroom, so her cabinets were full of empty bottles and rubbish, which added the the problem.

The living room, which doubled as a bedroom, was also coated in filth, but Auri was able to remove the grime and reveal a spotless room, perfect for Sophie to start again in.

Despite her injury, Sophie tried to separate all the rubbish in to different piles for recycling, which made Auri's job a bit easier.

After some dusting and finishing touches, the home looked brand new, Auri said that she avoid using chemicals when dusting because "you don't need them", she instead uses "a duster or microfibre cloth."

Viewers of the video loved the cleaning hacks and massive transformation.

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One said: "You must have helped that poor woman so much, imagine her joy at waking up the first morning after you did it and remembering that her home was clean and tidy and welcoming again."

Another commented: "When I saw the difference my jaw dropped, It's always so amazing to see the difference in the places, but I'm sure also for those people in their life!"

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