I didn't have an orgasm for FOUR years because of the Contraceptive Pill

The anonymous lass, who went on The Pill to reduce her painful periods, didn't have any sexual contact – either with another person or any desire to masturbate – while she was on the medication.

Writing for Mamamia, she revealed: "I didn’t have sex for four years. Nothing. No sexual contact with another person, or with myself, for four years. Not one orgasm. Why? The Contraceptive Pill."

After a fairly uneventful experience of losing her virginity just shy of her 19th birthday, the woman wasn't keen on sex for years after – but changed her opinion after getting hooked on Sex and the City in her early 20s.

After four years of no sex, and never having an orgasm, she decided to come off The Pill in her early 30s – and see how it affected her.

She revealed: "Within a month of stopping it, my sex drive was OFF THE CHARTS.

"Those four years of abstinence were about to abruptly end as I logged on, to window shop for sex, on Tinder."

The Pill's effect on sex drive

Back in November, a groundbreaking BBC documentary with Dr Zoe Williams surveyed more than 1,000 women aged 18-45 who take The Pill – as well as speaking to leading researchers about the side effects.

They found taking The Pill reduces your testosterone levels by up to four times, which could lead to a loss of libido.

But it's not that clear cut, as some women in Zoe's study saw an increased sex drive while their testosterone levels decreased.

Researcher Dr Cynthia Graham said: "They say The Pill is the most researched medication, but there’s this one area of neglect, the effect of The Pill on women’s sexual interest and enjoyment.

"In my view it’s shocking that there’s been so little research."

Because of this, we're still pretty much in the dark when it comes to the effect on libido, but what we do know is every Pill is different – so you can ask to switch if you feel like it's negatively affecting you in any way.

In the year that followed, she had two sexual partners and "was feeling great in most aspects" of her life.

But because of her menstrual issues, three different GPs all suggested she went back on.

She said: "I felt uncomfortable to broach the subject but a little voice inside me told me I deserve to have a healthy, fulfilling sex life and should speak up.

"In a hasty mumble I said, 'but when I am on the pill I have no sex drive AT ALL'. The GPs didn’t take this into any real consideration."

One of the doctors suggested she try a weaker Pill, which wouldn't have fixed her menstrual issues, while a second said "it didn't really matter" because she didn't have a long-term partner.

She said: "After visiting the GP I felt judged. That my wanting to have a sex drive was merely for my own pleasure and therefore not a necessity."

Annoyed but not knowing what else to do, she went back on The Pill – and is now constantly craving chocolate and struggling to orgasm as a result.

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