I didn’t know I was pregnant for 6 months – I had two contraceptive injections WHILE expecting, hot tubbed & even tanned | The Sun

A WOMAN who didn't know she was pregnant for six months has revealed she even had two contraceptive injections while she was expecting.

Myley took to her TikTok page to share her unique story, as she addressed the common questions she's asked about her pregnancy.

"When I say I didn’t know I was pregnant for over six months, people have some questions," she began.

To the question, "How did you not feel kicks?", Myley replied: "I probably did.

"But I didn’t notice them until after I found out.

"They feel like gas bubbles, or your tummy is just rumbling a bit.

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"When you know you’re not pregnant and you feel a little gas bubble, you don’t think, ‘Wait, is that a baby moving inside me? I’m probably super pregnant’.

"Or at least I don’t do that."

As she continued to explain what she'd done while unaware that she was expecting, Myley said: "I received 2 birth control shots while I was pregnant.

"No the clinic did not test before – that would have been too logical and too helpful.

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"Yes, my baby was perfectly healthy. I was hot tubbing, laying in tanning beds, consuming a whole lot of caffeine.

"When I was about 5 months pregnant I ran and dove onto my stomach on a slip and slide."

However, as she doesn't drink or smoke, Myley never had to worry about that.

As for pregnancy nausea, Myley said that when she thought back there was only one occasion she could think of during what would have been her first trimester when she'd vomited.

"But I had just scarfed down a very questionable bean and cheese burrito, so I was really just regretting that decision, and not at all thinking, ‘Wait, am I pregnant?’" she said.

In another video, Myley addressed the fact that she hadn't wondered why she hadn't been having a period, explaining that since getting the injections, her periods had stopped completely.

Following the pregnancy, Myley has had the contraceptive implant, which she said has been working well for her.

But she did admit she always worries that she's pregnant, and frequently takes tests to set her mind at ease.

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