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A WOMAN has been called "selfish" for divorcing her husband after he got sick, thinking she made the right decision.

Kim Beyer from Ohio said she was with her husband for 18 years before divorcing him over his brain aneurysm.

Beyer told Kennedy News the story of the day starting out fairly normal as her husband leaves for work.

Two hours later one of his coworkers comes knocking on the door to let her know her husband is now in the hospital.

The coworker said he had hit his head and began sweating excessively, trying to pull off his clothes before dropping to the ground and having a seizure.

Beyer arrived at the hospital saying she was in a state of shock and denial.

"I'm trying to tell people everything's fine," she told Kennedy News. "He's a healthy, fit guy. He's 35 and just had a physical."

He recalled seeing him, mentioning that her husband was the wrong color and looked "like death."

After conducting some scans the hospital discovered Beyer's husband had the worse brain aneurysm they had seen in 20 years.

He was rushed into emergency surgery where a big part of his skull and a part of his brain was removed because his brain could no longer fit in his head.

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Beyer's husband came out of surgery in a coma and was told he likely would not survive. She was about to turn off life support when he woke up but was not the same person.

She explained how difficult the adjustment to having him back in the house was and needing to take the place of the constant flow of nurses her husband was used to having around in addition to raising her two children.

Her husband's family would show up during this time for extended visits to give her and their children a break and noted how good of a job they did because of his mother being a retired doctor.

Beyer said he "came alive" when his family was around, and his mother asked her if she would consider moving the entire family overseas.

Prior to his aneurysm, her husband had told her to let him go if anything ever happened to him in order to give herself and the children a better life.

"I started to wonder if the most loving thing I could do for him was to let him go into a better situation where he's finally getting the care he deserves," she told Kennedy News.

So she divorced him and said the pair would always be lifelong friends.

"Love is not a feeling, it's an action," Beyer said.

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