I don’t use loo roll or a shower to clean my bits – trolls would rather die than live like me but it’s just as hygienic | The Sun

A WOMAN who is aiming to live a zero waste lifestyle has hit back at trolls who said they'd "rather die" than live like her.

Anna Masiello, 28, and husband, Diogo Masiello, 29, live in northern Italy, and do their best to look after the planet with the way they live.

Instead of using toilet paper, they use a portable bidet, which Anna said didn't go down too well with people when she first explained it.

"It wasn't hard to ditch loo roll – you'd be surprised how easy it is to go without it," she said.

"So many people were confused by the concept of the portable bidet.

"When I shared it on social media, someone even commented they would rather die than use one.

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"There's a bottle that you fill up with water – you attach a small shower-style head to and release water to wash yourself with.

"You simply wipe your privates with a towel after you are done.

"It's perfectly clean and hygienic."

They've been using the portable bidet since May, and also reuse their shower water to drink, cook with or water plants with.

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They put a charcoal water filter in the used shower water – which they collect in a four-litre jar – to ensure it's safe for use.

As a result, they only spend £8.43 a month on water.

"It's so simple and we save 600 litres a water by doing so," Anna said of saving their shower water.

Anna and Diogo are hoping that by sharing details of their lifestyle, they will encourage others to try and follow suit.

But Anna said that anything people can do will make a difference.

"When I started my zero-waste journey I felt the weight of the world of my shoulders as I was trying to do everything perfectly," she said.

"I've soon come to realise you can't do everything perfectly and it's a completely personal journey you have to take.

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"We just do what we can and what works for us.

"I recommend people start with what is important to them, whether that's food fashion and waste and then go from there."

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