I faked a lip flip with a quick make-up hack and people can’t get enough of my juicy lips now | The Sun

A WOMAN showed how she faked a lip flip using make-up she already owned and the results are pretty impressive.

If you don't want to fork out for the procedure, which uses Botox to enhance the shape of your top lip, this trick would be the perfect alternative.

Beauty fan Nora Albetini posted the hack on her TikTok account and it's floored fellow make-up addicts.

Using a an eyebrow pencil in a cool shade, Nora started by drawing a faint line just under where her bottom lip naturally ends.

Starting in middle, she drew the line up and out so it finished in the corner of her mouth, repeating on both sides.

On the top lip, the key is to overline "just the centre" so your pout is heart-shaped.


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Then work your way from the corner of your moth to the edge of the hear-shape on both sides so all the lines are connected.

Nora then used her finger to help blend out the harsh lines before applying a nude lip liner on top of her actual lips right up to the new lines she created.

You can finish to look off with a lip balm, gloss or lipstick, depending on what you prefer.

While a lip flip is said to offer a more natural look than other plumping option, it doesn't come without it's risks and problems.

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Speaking to Insider Robert Applebaum, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon in private practice explained: "With the muscle unable to fire there is a relaxation effect and in the case of lip flip it creates a fuller upper lip,"

Not only is Nora's trick a much cheaper alternative to a lip flip, which is still more subtle compared to classic lip fillers, but others claimed to swear but her make-up method too.

One person commented on her video: "When I was a model in the 90s this is how I was taught to instantly plump lips using liner.

"Been doing it for 30 years now. Best hack ever!"

A second raved: "Wait this was so helpful."

"Yes I do this and it looks good from the side," another wrote.

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