I forked out over £200 for a fancy birthday cake but what turned up was a mess – a toddler could’ve done a better bake | The Sun

A WOMAN was left stunned when she saw the cake she forked out over £200 for.

After ordering the four-tired cake from a local baker, Libby was expecting great things.

But when she showed off what she was left with people were left in hysterics because of how bad it looked.

Posting on TikTok, she shared a picture of the cake she originally wanted, which was covered in neat ganache and rustic sheets of chocolate.

What actually arrived looked nothing like the super-fancy cake she thought she was getting though.

Instead, she got four tiers of cake that looked like they'd been thrown on top of each other and were sling and crumbing eveywhere.


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Even the chocolate ganache was a utter fail and looked gloopy and gross – some TikTok users even thought it looked like poo, which isn't exactly what you want to be thinking about when eating chocolate cake.

Bizarrely, the baker even added tonnes of rainbow sprinkles to the cake, even though there were none in the original picture.

Libby was so taken back by the monstrosity that she didn't know what to do.

She said: "Guys I paid $300 for this and the lady just dropped it off what do I actually do?"

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"I need advice right now," she added in the caption of the video.

Other TikTok users were shocked by just how awful the cake looked, one said: "How did she think that was even remotely close?"

"That cake literally looks like it was eaten and brought back up," a second commented.

However, not everyone was convinced the cake came from a professional baker and some were convinced Libby made the cake herself.

"There's no way this happened," one user slammed.

Another wrote: "It's so bad I don't believe it, are you sure you didn't make it?"

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