I got married at 17, people always ask if I was pregnant or if it was an arranged marriage – it’s so rude

ONE wife says that she is constantly asked rude questions when people discover she got married at 17.

The 25-year-old woman said that people always ask if she was pregnant, or forced into marriage because she was young when she wed.

The woman, who posts under the TikTok domain @Huma.ah, list the questions that irk her even though she has been married for eight years.

"Questions I get asked for getting married ay 17," she said.

Adding that "Is her your cousin?" is a frequently asked question as well as "Did you get married because you were pregnant."

Another question she finds rude is people making assumptions that her wedding was arranged.


"Was it arranged?" quoted the woman, to which she sarcastically answered, "Yh, didn't meet him till the wedding night tbh."

Adding that she also gets asked: "Were you forced? Do you need help?"

In another post, the woman explains that she and her husband have yet to have kids, even though everyone presumed she was pregnant when they wed.

"When everyone thought I got married at 17 because I was pregnant," she said.

Adding: "Here I am eight years later with no kids."

In the comments of her post, the woman also added: "Tbh that's not even the worst reason people thought."

Her 'questions' video has been viewed 251.9k times and TikTok users have been quick to comment.

"I cracked up" commented one person.

Another said: "LMAO love playing along when you say this but I can't help but crack up."

"I love how you didn't meet until the wedding night but got married because you were pregnant" joked another.

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