I got my fox eye threads removed – it looks like I’ve got golf balls on my face & feels like my head is going to explode

FOX EYE threads are one of the new big trends that many celebrities are loving.

The op is raved about by many celebs, including Danielle Lloyd, and works by pulling the eyes upwards.

The trend sees supposedly invisible strings put in above the eyes to pull them upwards.

It uses biodegradable threads to surgically lift the eyes and the results can last anything from weeks up to a year.

However, we recently saw one woman take to TikTok to reveal what happened when she had fox eye threads and it’s safe to say that the results weren’t what she expected. 

Jessie Carr, from Australia, revealed that her fox eye threads didn’t go to plan and left her looking botched.

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But now, things have gone from bad to worse, as Jessie has had her fox eye threads removed, leaving her in pain and her face seriously swollen. 

Jessie has uploaded a variety of TikTok videos showing off the results of the fox eye thread removal, and they’ve left us all stunned.

Prior to her appointment, she explained: “Today I’m going to my cosmetic surgeon and I booked in for a removal of my threads. 

“I’m not too sure if this is going to happen because they said they are going to bring in a clinical practitioner to discuss my threads and decide whether or not they think removal is the best option, based on what they see.

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“I’m hoping they say yes and I’m hoping they go ahead with the removal.”

Later on in the video, we see Jessie, after the removal, with a very swollen face.

She continued: “If you guys can’t tell, I got my threads removed.

“My face currently looks like I’ve got two golf balls on them.

“Basically they removed the threads that they could remove and they did agree that it was the best option.

“They removed the threads that were still there and cleaned it out, stitched it up and this is me now.

“Hopefully after the swelling is gone I will just have a minor scar.

“It should be allgood and I’m glad I got it done and it’s all over with.”

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In another video, Jessie’s face is even more swollen than it first was, leaving her in a lot of pain and discomfort.

Jessie explained: “This is how I look right now, I feel so ugly.

“I feel like this afternoon I felt kind of, not super ugly, even though I look like I have golf balls in my head, but now I feel worse, because around my eyes is swelling up heaps. I look like a different person.

“The pain is probably a 9/10 when I’m not taking Panadols, it’s an intense feeling of pressure in my temples. 

“It feels like my head is going to explode, I get the worst migraine ever and even before my jaw was even sore, I think because of all the pressure.

“It’s not the best feeling.” 

In previous videos before the removal, Jessie revealed that getting the procedure done was a huge regret and was definitely not worth it.

She added: “These fox eye threads really are my biggest regret.

“It’s definitely not worth it, it doesn’t work and it left me looking botched like this!

“They initially swelled up really, really intensely. I looked like MegaMind. 

“They popped a blood vessel during the procedure, I blew up for a couple of weeks, it was pretty bad.” 

TikTokers were left in shock at Jessie’s face and took to the comments to reflect this. 

One person said: “Girl this fox eye journey you're on is something else… good on you for staying positive.” 

Another added: “Will never get anything done to my face I am scared.” 

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A third commented: “I'm so worried about your swollen eyes, hope it heals soon.” 

Another TikToker asked: “Was this kind of swelling expected to happen? Aren't you scared?”

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