I got my teeth done in Turkey – it was the worst thing I’ve done, they left impressions in my gums & I needed stitches | The Sun

A WOMAN has shared her experience of getting her teeth done in Turkey, saying it’s the worst thing she’s ever done.

Posting to TikTok, Katie Inglis, shares that she flew to Turkey and paid £6k to get her teeth done, but was left in immense pain and had to get stitches upon her return to the UK.

Katie says that the surgery took eight hours, for which she was placed under general anaesthetic.

As part of this surgery she received 13 root canals and had 24 teeth shaved down, which she now describes as the “worst feeling ever.”

Returning to her hotel, Katie says that she began to be violently sick, and was bed bound for four whole days.

She was so battered, bruised and swollen, that she looked and felt as if she’d been beaten up by someone.

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“The cementing was the most horrific and worst pain. EVER” says Katie.

And while the final result certainly looked shiny and white, Katie says that the dental surgeon had actually left the tooth impressions in her gums.

Her UK dentist actually found impressions left in five areas within her mouth, and she has had to get several stitches getting all of this removed.

Katie is still having problems with her teeth 3 months after returning from Turkey.

She says that she now wants to warn people of the dangers of going to Turkey to get teeth done, adding that she’s posted her video to raise awareness.

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Katie’s comment section has quickly filled with comments, with one person writing: “Fair play spreading awareness this is a new trend amongst young people and it’s gonna be a hard pill to swallow for the unlucky ones.”

Another added: “You’ve done a brave thing doing this to warn people knowing you’ll likely get hate. Can’t imagine the pain you were in.”

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