I had gorgeous extensions for my holiday but then went snorkelling – it took three people eight hours to sort it out | The Sun

SHE had gorgeous blonde extensions in for her holiday.

But Julia hadn't factored in the effect that snorkelling would have on her long locks.

She took to TikTok to share a video showing the vacation evolution of her hair, starting with "my hair with extensions at the beginning" of her getaway.

In the first snaps, she was seen with her blonde hair looking picture perfect as she enjoyed the scenery.

Even when she went snorkelling, it looked good – as she'd plaited it to keep it out of her face.

"My hair where I went snorkelling," she wrote.

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But "after snorkelling" it was a different story, as she showed how her locks had turned into a knotted, matted mess.

"8 hours passed and three people later," she added.

Julia concluded her video by showing how her hair looked after it was worked on – as she was left with thin, fragile-looking and short hair.

"Some of the extensions had to be cut out at the end," she added in the caption.

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The comments section was quickly filled with other women admitting they'd had similar experiences with their hair after going snorkelling.

"Snorkelling messes up my natural hair so much, I have medium/long straight hair and it gets SO rough and tangled every time I snorkel," one wrote.

"GIRL!!!! This was me in DR!!" another added.

"I had human and it still did it! I was very drunk and work up same way! It’s the salt water and not brushing after done."

"this happened to me when I went on a jet ski," a third commented.

"Looked like I had a birds nest on my head."

"Same, girl," someone else wrote.

"My hair was premium Russian. Still happened in Bali. Never plait extensions and snorkel.

"Hard lesson. Had to get all ripped out back home."

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