I had my eyebrows microbladed but they were botched so badly I couldn’t stop crying – I’ve had to LASER them off

BROWS are known to frame the face, so when they get ruined after an appointment, it can ruin your entire day.

For Melina Tesi, her brows were botched when she had them microbladed and the busy mum has shared her journey to get them sorted on Tiktok and Instagram.

The Tiktok, which has 5 million views, is one of many where she shares her horror micro blading experience and her efforts to fix them after it went wrong.

The mum-of-two showed her face with red marks above her natural brows and wrote over it: "Me excited to finally get my microbladed brows removed."

"I tried the Rejuvi treatment" She wrote over a snap of her and her baby son.


"And it made them even worse" she wrote over a picture of her eyebrows.

"I was so sad," she wrote over a picture of her with tearful eyes.

"So I decided to start laser removal," the mum decided.

Along with a picture where her natural brows were showing, she wrote: "..after 3 treatments."

"They are almost gone! Still healing." She wrote almost joyfully.

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"I got better at hiding them with make up!" she said as she showed herself in a full face of makeup.

Thankfully an expert on the procedure weighed in, saying: "Microblading artist here! This looks like they used pigments containing nickel which will eventually turn red, blue or green.

"Some artist use very cheap material to keep overheads low, so sorry you had to go through this. They also didnt follow your natural shape.

"Look up saline removal, much more gentle on the skin and will remove it all." She recommended helpfully.

Another commenter warned others not to get their brows microbladed, as she wrote: "If you’re thinking about it, DONT DO IT. I did it & it’s definitely NOT worth it. I also know 8 others girls who regret it like me."

To which Melina replied: "Preach. My biggest regret! And mind you they did look "good" the first year but no one talks about the last effects."

Some thought Melina went to a bad salon as they said: "You guys aren’t going to the right people! Got them done in 2016 and touch ups every year and never had any issues."

I’ve had my eyebrows micro bladed twice. Turned out great both times and it’s been over 2 years since the last time! It all depends on the artist."

A permanent cosmetics artist even commented, saying: "This is exactly why i do not offer micro blading. It’s too unpredictable and invasive. This can happen to even the most experienced."

Some could empathise as they said they also got red marks after the procedure, saying: "No one warns people about this!! It should be well known."

Many commenters thought micro blading had become a trend which is why some salons had done it without proper training, as one explained: "I hate to say this but this is why a lot of permanent makeup artist are stealing away from micro blading and some don’t offer it at all. It got trendy."

Another professional shared their thoughts, saying: "As a professional brow artist I cannot express how sad I am for you and your experience. I’ve had many clients I’ve had to fix. Be careful who you go."

The mum on Instagram where she has 21.9k followers and shares snippets of her life with her baby son, an autistic son, a daughter and her husband.

Melina suffered three miscarriages before she had her newest son, Nicodemus, who is 10 months olds.

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