I hate my name & I'm so embarrassed by it…it's basic with a unique spelling & I'm seriously thinking I should change it | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed that she absolutely hates her name and is seriously debating whether to change it.

Posting on Reddit, the anonymous lady opened up about her name predicament, as she explained that she has a basic moniker with a unique spelling.

Sharing her story, she revealed: “I'm ashamed of my name.”

She then added: “My name isn't even weird. Its Rylee.

“Normal, basic, maybe slightly unique spelling I guess? 

“I hate it, though. Currently considering if I should change my name or create a nickname.”

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The woman explained that she is unsure why she hates her name, but finds it terribly embarrassing.

She continued: “I'm not entirely sure why I don't like it. Is it normal to hate your own name? 

“I'm so embarrassed to say it, and it feels awful when I say it, too. 

“Wish I had another name like Crystal or even Katie.

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“Greetings customers at my job sucks. My boss wants me to say "hello welcome to [place name]! My name is Rylee, what can I get for you?". 

“Whenever she's not around I skip the name part. I just hate saying it so much.

“It's so embarrassing and makes me feel stupid.”

The woman later explained that she doesn’t get on well with her parents, which may be why she has a distaste for her moniker.

She admitted: “I think the explanation for it is that I hate my parents (for reasons I won't get into). 

“My last name is my dads, and my mom gave me my first name. 

“I look like my dad, which I plan on getting plastic surgery to change that, and I'm definitely not keeping my last name when married.”

She then questioned: “Do I just hate myself? Do I just wanna avoid this part of me as much as possible? 

“Is it normal to feel this way over a name? I'm not sure.

“I've never met someone who felt the same way.”

Reddit users were quick to share their support for the woman in the comments.

One person said: “If you don’t like it, you don’t like it. 

“Parents may be a bit offended, but if it makes you bristle everytime someone uses it, change it. 

“It's all about how you approach it, be nice, but be firm, even inject a bit of humour, offer a prize to the best suggestion from family & friends, even if you have already chosen one. It just gets them involved. 

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“My folks told me the names they considered for me, a couple were way better, you never know some of their other choices may resonate.” 

Whilst another simply added: “It seems that you just don’t wanna be associated with your family as a whole.” 

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