I have acne – I used a 99 cent kitchen product instead of face wash and my skin was SO smooth afterwards | The Sun

SKINCARE is all the rage right now.

We all want dewy, fresh, youthful skin, but it seems the highest rated products are extremely expensive.

Most of us can’t afford to splurge on an $100 eye cream or $70 face wash, so we’re left scrambling for items that we aren’t sure even work well.

One woman named Dani Castañeda, who goes by @Dani.Castañeda on TikTok, said she struggles with her acne-prone skin and has been searching for a product to treat it.

After coming across a trend that uses baking soda as a clarifying face wash, she gave it a shot.

The best part? It costs less than a dollar.


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“Say less,” she said, eager to try out something new.

“You guys know I struggle with my skin, obviously. They said the baking soda is not really for deep breakouts, but it’s for when you have the ones that are ready to go away, the ones you can pop.”

Dani showed her skin with no makeup, in which she had some pimples and acne scars.

“I’ve already cleansed my skin with my regular skin care, so I’m going to use the baking soda as a kind of exfoliant and maybe an antibacterial. I’m going to try it because why not?”

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She poured a generous amount of the powder on her hands and then ran some water over it.

Next, she rubbed her hands together and began to apply the mixture to her face the same way she would a regular face wash.

She rubbed her cheeks, nose, chin and forehead continuously to make sure she covered all the spots.

After rinsing her face with water, she revealed her thoughts.

“First impression: it was a very gentle exfoliator and I feel like my skin is super soft.”

The clip received nearly one million views and hundreds of comments:

“I’ve used it for years mixed with my face soap. Works like a miracle. Hope it does for you,” one person wrote.

“I need to try this. Thank you,” added another.

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