I hired a babysitter while I went on a date night & was horrified when I came home

JUGGLING a baby and trying to keep your romance alive can be tricky – that's why many hire a babysitter so they can squeeze in a date night.

But when you return home from a dinner date, you expect to see your house in the same condition you left it in.

Unfortunately for one frustrated mum, who is from the US and goes by the acronym @thezenmommy, she was horrified when she returned home from a lovely evening out, only to find her house had been left in a complete mess.

In a short video shared to TikTok, she showed a glimpse of takeaway dishes, grapefruit peel and empty drinks scattered across the kitchen worktops.

She wrote: "When you come home from date night and the new babysitter left your house like this."

While it isn't clear who left the mess – the woman or the babysitter – the comments section was flooded with comments.


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"If expectation is to clean, it should be included in pay," wrote one. "I’d see this and assume it meant they were more attentive to kids than my home."

A second agreed: "A babysitter isn’t a housekeeper or cleaner though."

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A third noted: "Depends if she made the mess or if it was left for her, also depends on how much you paid her."

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "Chill out it takes 2 min. Babysitter not house keeper."

Another argued: "Would you rather them ignore the children and clean? That’s called a housekeeper not a babysitter."

And a further added: "I never expect them to clean up. My crazy toddler wouldn’t give her the time."

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She’s only with her for a few hours not all day. She plays, I clean."

However, others had very different opinions.

"As an experienced babysitter it’s common courtesy to clean. Sometimes I’d even clean dishes/messes I didn’t make," wrote one.

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Another penned: "Not y’all defending this lol you don’t need to clean up the place but you also don’t need to trash it."

A third noted: "It’s just common courtesy, I’ve never left the house a mess for the kids I babysat."

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