I jetted to Turkey for a boob job I’d wanted since I was 10 – now even my man says my cup’s running over | The Sun

AN AUSSIE has shared the reality of life after jetting off to Turkey to get a boob job for her flat chest.

Growing up, Yasmina (@mrs.yasminaa), from the sunny coasts of Australia, was always self-conscious of her body, particularly her smaller set of boobs.

So when she finally had the chance, Yasmina made the decision to fly abroad to Turkey to get the boobs of her dreams.

''It's always been something I've been insecure about,'' the mum opened up in the video.

''After my children, I was left with absolutely nothing and that was something that affected my self-esteem quite a lot.''

But now, six months later, the plastic surgery fan has taken the time to look back at the experience – one she shared on TikTok.

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Although initially things were off to a good start – Yasmina had gone there with her pal and the company was extra helpful – it all took a sharp turn the following day of the surgery.

''As soon as I woke up, I was in excruciating pain,'' Yasmin recalled of the post-operation morning.

Blessed with her new 40CC implants, Yasmina and her mate attempted to visit the nearby mall a few days later – however, this proved to be a challenge.

''It was really hard. Like, I started crying on the way back home. I felt this immense pain,'' she said, adding she had to keep ice on her new boobs.

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''I've had two natural births – and this is more painful,'' she hit back at the surgeon who was reluctant to prescribe her more pain killers.

Luckily, however, the duo started feeling significantly better the next day and decided to explore what the capital city, Istanbul, had to offer.

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''I feel like for me, doing it [the surgery] overseas helped a lot because I was able to properly recover.

''I know that if I was at home, a part of me would want to start cleaning, even if it was just my room.

''Or if I heard my kid down the hallway crying for me, I wouldn't just be able to lay there,'' Yasmina reckoned.

After a disastrous journey back to Australia – Yasmina saw her flights getting cancelled again – the mum finally landed home.

''I remember my husband saying 'I'm so glad you did this for you – you seem so much happier, like your cup's been filled.

''I feel whole, weirdly,'' Yasmin told her 26.3k followers.

''I know a lot of people won't understand this and I also know a lot of people will feel like I'm promoting plastic surgery or something, but I'm just sharing my story.

''It genuinely was the best thing I ever did for myself.''

Yasmin also urged fellow beauty fans: ''Do your research before you do anything to yourself and make sure this something you want purely just for you.''

Hearing Yasmin's story, hundreds flocked to comments, with one writing: ''Damn, I should have travelled to turkey.

''My experience wasn’t the greatest here in Melbourne.''

Someone else added: ''Im going in less than 2 weeks and they're calling and checking in on me so much.

''they're amazing over there, I can't wait.''

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''It just boosted your self confidence and I’m super happy for you Yasmina,'' a third fan penned.

A Briton wrote: ''Im from uk had my surgery done 2 months ago, TT,bbl + 360 lipo and im so happy with my results and and everything around the surgery, turkey 10/10 [sic].''

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