I learned the hard way not to try and squeeze myself into smaller size trousers, and it almost cost me £860 | The Sun

SHE spotted some gorgeous vinyl trousers in a shop, so decided to try them on.

But Valeria ended up red-faced when she accidentally ripped the pants while testing their flexibility.

As she jokingly squatted in the trousers while her friend filmed her for a TikTok video, there was a loud rip, and she quickly turned around – looking horrified.

While her friend told her to "just zip them up", they quickly realised the trousers were beyond repair, and she might even have to pay for the damage.

"They're $1050 (£861)," Valeria told her friend as she poked her head out of the changing room.

"That's a sale price too," her pal exclaimed, before Valeria asked her: "Do we have insurance?"

"And this kids is how I learned not to try squeezing into smaller sizes," she captioned her video.

When people asked her for an update on the situation, she replied in another video: "The store was kind enough to let it go.

"They understood that maybe it was the quality of the pants that wasn't to par, and they were super cool about it.

"They said, 'Don't worry about it – you're good to go'."

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Valeria concluded by admitting: "Let me tell you, I almost had a heart attack.

"Anyways, never again!"

People were quick to comment on the video, insisting that the trousers wouldn't have ripped had they been higher quality.

"Imagine paying that much and they rip easier than paper," one wrote.

As another added: "Funny how a high price doesn't equal high quality!"

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