I lie to my kids about their bedtime every day – my tip means they’re always in bed on time & people think I’m a genius | The Sun

A MUM has been hailed a genius online for the clever lie she uses to get her daughter to go to bed on time each night.

TikTok user, Ashley Molina, shared the hack which went viral with over 400k views.

It's rare to come across a parent who hasn't struggle to get their kids to sleep at some point in their lives.

When tricky toddlers won't budge from the sofa or little ones launch into tantrums about their lack of tiredness, we'll try just about anything to usher them off to bed without fuss.

Mum Ashley says her little girl goes to bed without a whisper thanks to her savvy hack – and everyone wants to try it for themselves.

The New Yorker said she often 'lies' to her daughter about her bedtime to make sure she's in bed on time.

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Speaking of her controversial method, Ashley said: "Bedtime parenting 101, lie to them.

"Kids don't need to know what time bedtime is."

She explained that her daughter's bedtime is eight o'clock but that she has never told her daughter that that is the time for bed.

This means at around 7:15pm, Ashley asks her daughter if she wants to stay up late or to go to bed now.

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Ashley added: "The majority of the time she wants to stay up late so I set an alarm for 7:45pm."

Once the alarm goes off it means it's time to go to bed.

She explained she always sets the alarm earlier than 8pm because kids often need to use the bathroom, get a drink or say goodnight five hundred times when they know it's bedtime.

That extra 15 minutes gives her daughter all the time to do these things, and Ashley says by eight o'clock, her daughter's sleeping right on time.

She said: "This saves me from all the bedtime drama most of the time.

"But you're welcome."

Ashley said not telling her daughter what time bedtime is works much better than lying about the time to get her to bed as she can't argue with it.

Parents who viewed the video were impressed by Ashley's simple trick, one wrote: "I’m not a parent that lies to her kids but this is not lying this is genius tactics."

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"This is the smartest thing ever." Another viewer said.

A third person commented: "Why didn’t I think of this? Thanks, girl."

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