I listed an old camera online for £27 but it sold for £135 instead – now I have my own business making £54k a month

A SAVVY woman has managed to turn a single online sale into a booming business making $100k (£54k) a month.

Madi Stefanis, 21, from Australia, tried to sell an old camera online for just $50 (£27), but it sold for a whopping $250 ($153) – which gave her the idea for a company.

After flogging the vintage camera on Facebook Marketplace in 2019, the savvy student realised there was a demand for old-style cameras.

She reportedly used the money she made from the single sale to re-buy and sell ten more, sourcing and reselling discontinued models on her website, 35mmco.

During this time, the budding entrepreneur was working hard developing her own invention – a camera she called the Reloader, an alternative to single-use disposable cameras.


The Reloader, which sells for $99 (£53.51), launched on August 15 and has already sold out twice, Daily Mail Australia reports, with Madi quickly earning a six-figure salary after selling 5,000 units.

This is all thanks to the "lightbulb moment" she got while flogging an old, unwanted camera on Facebook, and now she "can't keep up with demand."

According to teh publication,TikTok helped the business boom after a video went viral with more that one million views, and Madi a huge rise in traffic on her site.

The Reloader, a palm-sized camera, is inspired by traditional disposable camera but its built-in flash, which is powered by a triple A battery, is much brighter.

It's also made from ABS plastic with a vegan lether strap and has a 31mm lens with a shutter speed of 1/120S.

Madi said it's been designed to suit beginners with zero experience in photography.

The camera can be refilled with the Kodak Gold 200 film, which can be purchased easily anywhere, includinge Madi's website.

While disposible cameras are cheap, retailing at just $19 to $29.95 (roughly £10-£15) in Australia, they can only be used once before being thrown away.

The Reloader, however, can be used time and time again meaning it's less expensive in the long run.

The camera is currently sold out but will be available from 15th Novemeber, and is available for pre-order now.

She also gave advice for others who have a business idea, saying the best thing to do is "just do it."

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