I look like a ‘cereal box’ from the front – but I have a secret hourglass figure when I turn to the side | The Sun

ONE woman has revealed how angles make all the difference — and offer a new perspective on her "cereal box" body.

TikToker Noodles (@n.gottheguap) said from the front her figure appears rectangle-shaped, but from the side her hourglass body type becomes apparent.

Noodles took to the social media platform to share a funny take on her own body shape.

"Who else's body looks like a cereal box from the front?" she wrote over a video of herself.

"But then hourglass from the side?" she added while turning to show off her curvy figure.

"Please tell me I’m not alone," she added in the caption.

The video came as part of an online trend where people reveal their unique body proportions from different angles and poses.

Many influencers reveal surprising builds, such as having small hips and a big butt at the same time.

Viewers of the light-hearted TikTok shared their two cents on the subject.

"Me and you both girl," one wrote.

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"Cereal buddies," Noodles replied.

"Wait were you naturally built this way or do you go to the gym?" another inquired. "Because I'm hoping my gym goals can get me where you're at."

"I just play basketball but like I don’t do squats or anything or like lift weights," Noodles said.

"Not mine…. y’all be safe though," a third commented.

"You don’t have hip dips?" Noodles replied.

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