I never know if my clothes are inappropriate or if it's just because I've got big boobs – my chest's my personality | The Sun

SHE never knows whether or not she's wearing something inappropriate – because of her big boobs.

Vanini took to TikTok to share a video of herself wearing a scarf over a white top, as she began: "You’ve heard of ‘is it an outfit or is she just skinny’.

"But get ready for, ‘Is it inappropriate or do I just have boobs’."

She then removed the purple scarf to reveal the plunging neckline beneath.

"@My b00bs are my personality I wore this to class," Vanini captioned her video.

And people took to the comments section to weigh in, with one writing: "Is it inappropriate or am I just curvy?"

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"This," another added.

"I’ve been told several times 'everybody doesn’t need to see that', well babe it’s not my fault they’re like this."

"The times I've cried over this," someone else commented.

"I remember venting about this to a friend who said 'not all bodies are considered modest' and I literally never stopped thinking about that ever," another wrote.

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"I’ve been playing this game since 5th grade," another commented.


While someone else said: "I feel this so strongly."

In another TikTok, Vanini sported a lace top with a blue mohair cardigan over the top.

"Is it too much or do I just have boobs?" she wrote over the top.

Before adding in the caption: "Can I wear this to study in the library?"

"I think you are fine don't let anyone shame you society should let you sit whenever you want wearing whatever you want," someone commented on that video.

"Half my tops look like this and I love it," another wrote.

"Rock it boo."

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