I ordered jackets from Very & found a note from a previous customer – they were disgusted & when I read it so was I | The Sun

A FASHION fan has left a shocking review of clothes from Very after revealing she was sent clothes that half already been worn. 

Toni McRea said in a video online: “So I wanted to do an unpackaging of my Very order on TikTok to show everyone what I had got but I’m actually really disgusted.”

The first jacket in Toni's shopping haul seemed perfectly normal.

She said: "I have ordered two jackets that came in this which is fine. The first jacket packaged nicely, it’s quite a nice jacket, it's fine."

“The second one, it is a nice jacket don’t get me wrong, I took it out of the packaging, this was all fold up inside of it as well.”

“I thought oh that's odd I wonder what that is for. “

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The fashion fan revealed it was a returns package that the jacket had previously been sent back in. 

“So it’s obviously a returns package that they’ve opened, taken this jacket out of, shoved it back in there for some reason I’m not really sure why that is."

Toni said a message had been left by the last customer who returned the item. 

She said: “But what was interesting for me was that the return slip was in there and the last customer who had obviously returned this left a message.”

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The previous customer said: “This jacket has been worn by a previous customer, it smells of perfume, has brown hair on it and has a used tissue and receipt in the pocket, disgusting.”

In the jacket Toni found the receipt, a used tissue in the pocket and brown hair. 

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Toni confirmed: “And it does smell of perfume.”

She concluded: “That's bad enough of Very that sent that to this customer with it already been worn and used quite clearly but not only that they’ve then taken out of the packaging clearly not even taken notice of that crumpled it all back up into a bag and sent it to me.”

She continued: “That is actually appalling.”

Toni’s video gained over 130,000 views. 

Many users said they had also had problems ordering from Very online.  

One user said: “ You're lucky it even turned up. I'm still waiting for mine. Ordered in December.”

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Another user said: “I had the same thing with a very order. Was sent someone's clearly worn items and their return form.”

A third said: “Wow that's appalling.”

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