I paid £20k for vampire teeth – bizarre requests from strangers always leave me speechless | The Sun

A VAMPIRE-daft tattoo artist has revealed strangers always ask to bite her – after she got real life fangs.

The full mouth construction cost Jackie Rabbit more than £20,000 when she underwent the unusual dental work in 2019.

But it's the two fangs – made of gold – that have caused her to turn heads whenever she smiles.

Jackie says: "I've always loved vampires even as a child. I got seriously into vampires, blood and the occult when I was around 12 or so.

"I lived with a vampire cult for a few months as a youth. Getting actual fangs was really just a money thing. I was getting some extensive dental work done anyway and my dentist thought it was a fun idea when I asked.

"There was a team that engineered them and it all worked out well.

"I get a pretty steady stream of strangers who message things like 'drink my blood', 'make me a vampire' and 'please bite me.'

"I find it a bit forward. While I’d love to have a Renfield to walk my dogs and wash my dishes, I could do without the internet creeps bothering me."

Despite initial concerns over the dentistry work, Jackie hasn't noticed any negatives yet.

One of her favourite things is when young people ask questions about her fangs.

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She adds: "I wouldn’t say they have any perks besides looking cool. I smile more these days and I enjoy flashing them and seeing people’s reactions.

"Usually people get a huge kick out of it. Little kids have asked how they can grow fangs and I tell them the real secret is eating loads of vegetables.

"The team that made them did an amazing job. My dentist researched the way that animals bite and chew compared to humans and sort of met in the middle.

"I am lucky enough to have a mouth and jaw that accommodates them as well. They are made from metal and permanently affixed so they are very sturdy.

"My partner was definitely nervous at first for obvious reasons but they don’t get in the way of any of our activities."

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