I paid for my ‘poor’ mate’s meals – then I found out she was secretly loaded and lived in a MANSION

MOST OF us would lend a friend money if they were struggling, right?

Well, one woman has taken to TikTok to reveal that her best friend had lied to her for years over her financial situation.

Not only had her friend lied about how much cash she had, she was actually secretly loaded.

Meghan, who posts under the username littlebundhasmatter’, explained she was struggling with money herself while at college and thought her best friend was in a similar situation. 

She explained: "When I was in college, I was broke. 

“I was around 17 or 18 so student finance hadn't come through, I didn't have some of those sweet sweet loans. 

“Me and my bank account used to look at each other like, 'Are we going to have respiration for lunch today? Are we going to have air? Because there's no money.'

"So I was broke, and so was my friend, right? 

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“I used to buy her meals sometimes because she literally had no money. 

“She was poorer than me."

Once their exams were finished for the year, Meghan's friend suggested they go out to a restaurant to celebrate.

It all sounded good to Meghan and she assumed they would be going somewhere cheap, considering both of their finances, but the reality was very different.

She continued: "She suggested we go out for a meal because we'd finished our first year of college and I was like 'Okay let's celebrate'. 

“I saved up all week and I had £10. 

“£10 is enough for a chicken meal, okay?

"So I'm thinking, 'I've got a lot of money', I'm feeling rich, but I walk into the restaurant that my friend booked and my heart drops. 

“I hear classical music, I see people wearing suits and dresses, I sit down and I see complimentary lemon water.

"I ran to the toilet and I called my sister and I was like, 'Please put some money into my account, this is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me'. I feel so out of place."

And while Meghan made sure to keep her spending to a minimum, she noticed her friend was ordering multiple items from the menu – leaving Meghan to wonder how she was going to pay for it all.

But while Meghan was panicking about her finances, her friend agreed to pay for the whole meal as she revealed she had actually been well-off the whole time.


She explained: "I order one meal. My friend orders multiple. 

“I'm thinking, 'She's broke, are we going to dine and dash?'. 

“She literally ordered so much.

"The waiter comes over and he says, 'Are you going to split the bill or pay together?' and my friend says we'll pay together. 

“I thought she was expecting me to pay, but she pulls out her card and she pays for her meal and my meal.

"I find out later that her family own a restaurant, she lives in a mansion. 

“She just pretended to be poor. Who does that? Why'd she make me pay for her meals?"

Meghan's video has racked up a whopping 4.8 million views. 

It has 1.4million likes, 9,193 comments and 11.1k shares. 

Many Tiktok users were shocked at Meghan’s friend and the secret she kept. 

One person said: “She really made you pay for her meals when she knew you were poor?!”

Another added: “I would legit cry and be traumatized that all my friends might be lying.” 

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