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A DIY and home décor enthusiast has hit back at trolls for calling her painted bathroom tiles “ugly” while giving an update on how it’s held up after six months. 

Janelle, who goes by prairiestylehome on platform TikTok, had been on the fence about whether or not to take the plunge and upscale her off-white tiled floors.

But after practising the painting technique and ignoring the haters advising her against the move, she went for it – documenting the whole journey from start to finish. 

Now, half a year later, she’s returned to give an update on how the paint has held up. 

“Six months ago I painted my bathroom floor tiles to mixed reviews. Some were excited and some weren’t quite as excited about it,” she told viewers. 

Over footage of herself painting her primed white tiles with a chocolate brown colour, she added some of the comments she had received when she initially undertook the painting project.

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At the time, one person had said: “Looks cheap and tacky,” as another called it “so so stupid” and questioned why she’d done it. 

“This is THE ugliest thing have ever seen,” [sic] another had complained. 

While a fourth said it would look like “cr*p” within a few days, warning her of the mistake she apparently made.

Janelle continued to tell followers: “I promised I would keep you updated on how they were holding up, so here they are today.” 

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People said it would scratch and look uglyCredit: Tiktok – @prairiestylehome
Janelle appeared happy with the result and has shared an update on how they lookCredit: Tiktok – @prairiestylehome

Janelle then demonstrated how she cleans the surfaces as she zoomed in on a section of the floor while using a flat mop to disinfect it all. 

“I try to use a soft cloth for dusting and mopping. The clear coat I use makes both the tile and the grit lines super wipeable.” 

The TikTok star then zoomed in on one patch and pointed at a spot where white could be seen coming through the dark colour. 

“They still look good for the most part, but if you look close, there are a few scratches,” she explained. 

She then shared how she’d been hanging a towel rod in the bathroom when parts of the rail fell and left more scratches on the floor. 

“At some point, I will retouch the paint but I’m not worried about it right now,” she continued. 

Janelle added: “Long story short, is it perfect? No. Would I do it again? Heck yeah.”

People flocked to the comments as many were left feeling unsure yet again about the choice she made by painting the tiles. 

“I saw the other video on my FYP and was like “noooooo” but now after seeing this…ok…looks good on video, at least,” one person wrote. 

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While another was outright against it as they said: “Our landlord painted the bathroom. It’s a total f***ing nightmare – don’t do it. It chips, lifts and flakes just under short term use.” 

While a third questioned: “I just wonder how long the paint will stay on after walking on them everyday…?”

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