I spilt red wine all over my wedding dress at the reception – people are always stunned by how I handled it

ANY BRIDE would be upset if they ruined their wedding dress on their big day.

But one woman stunned people with how she handled spilling red wine down her entire dress.

Britt Van Nuland from the US shared a video on her TikTok account, brittnewland, where it has gone viral with over three million views.

The bride from the US, is also the founder of New Land Weddings which helps brides-to-be organise and plan their dream weddings.

Back in 2021, Britt had her own big day when she married her middle school sweetheart, Chad up a western Colorado Mountain.

Britt designed her own wedding dress for the special day, but whilst at the reception, she accidentally spilt a glass of red one down it.

Most brides would be mortified by making such a blunder, but Britt shocked users by how she handled it.

She posted the video and she captioned it: "Alright anyone else have wedding fails they’d like to share?"

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In the video, Britt, who is being recorded by a wedding guest looks completely unfazed by the slip-up.

As Britt points to the giant stain on her dress she says: "It's like, so me though, it's so me.

"If I don't have ketchup or wine on my outfit it's not a good day," as she walks off smiling to the camera.

Britt has been in love with weddings for over a decade and began her career as a wedding photographer.

Now she and her team help plan and organise the entire day for happy couples from designing the theme, the flowers, and taking pictures of the big day.

One user asked: "The real question is why isn't ur moh scrubbing you in the bathroom right now? Love the attitude about it though."

To which Britt replied: "She dropped to her knees with a tied to go so fast."

Users were stunned by her reaction and praised her for her upbeat energy.

One user wrote: "This bride has the best energy. Protect her at all costs."

"I’m sure she had a great time with that great attitude. That’s wifey right there." Exclaimed another user.

A third user commented: "I love her energy. Make the best of everything!"

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