I Swapped My Entire Skincare Routine for Kylie Skin to See If It's Really Worth the Hype

What It Is: The entire Kylie Skin debut skincare collection

Who Tried It: Kaitlyn Frey, Style & Beauty Assistant and Kardashian-Jenner superfan

Level of Difficulty: 3/10

Working in beauty, I’m lucky though to have access to an extensive supply of skincare. Because my skin is pretty non-finicky, I’ve tried it all to determine what’s worth recommending. So when Kylie Jenner announced the launch of her own skincare brand, I knew two things: I had to test it, and I had to hold it up to very high standards.

I was so excited to receive a PR package filled with every product in the initial Kylie Skin launch (with the exception of the Kylie Skin Makeup Removing Wipes), so I didn’t have to worry about trying to snag the set on launch day before it sold out. Since then, Kylie’s repeatedly replenished her inventory. Without fail, they tend to sell out again pretty fast, so prepare to jump to Kylie Skin’s website right away anytime there’s a restock if you’re looking to buy some.

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To put the products up to a true test, I ditched all my usual skincare and applied only Kylie’s products for about two full months to see if they were were with the hype. However, I made two exceptions: since I swear by a double-cleanse to remove my makeup, I still applied my favorite Drunk Elephant Makeup-Melting Butter Cleanser each evening before using Kylie’s foam.

Most importantly, I still applied my go-to SPF — Elta MD's Tinted Sunscreen — daily to protect from the ray’s since Kylie has yet to add the integral skincare step to her product assortment.

The Verdict: In order to truly determine whether a skin product works for you or not, it’s imperative to use it consistently for at least four weeks. I wanted to make sure I gave Kylie Skin a fair shot, so I tested the line for about eight weeks. Here are my real, unfiltered thoughts.

Kylie Skin Foaming Face Wash

I normally avoid foam cleansers at all costs. Many contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) that gives it its lather, but in turn, strips the skin of natural oils and leaves it feeling as dry as parchment paper. I was impressed to see that Kylie’s foaming face wash did not contain that harsh surfactant and hoped it wouldn’t dry my skin like other foams had.

Much to my surprise, the face wash gave me a thorough cleanse without leaving a dry, stripped feeling on my skin. While Kylie noted this product does contain fragrance (most of her others do not) I found the soft, discreet scent non-irritating and pleasant. But would I repurchase this? Probably not. While I got a good wash, I personally prefer the texture of cream and gel cleansers much more. If you’re a diehard foam face wash person, Kylie’s is definitely worth trying. If not, hold out until Kylie comes out with other appealing cleanser variants.

Kylie Skin Walnut Face Scrub

This scrub, which utilizes ground walnut shell particles to physically exfoliate, came under fire before the Kylie Skin line even launched. Many argued that walnut shell powder is too abrasive and can cause micro-tears in the skin (it can, a dermatologist previously told PEOPLE). According to the Kylie Skin website, the exfoliator “was dermatologist tested and passed RIPT testing (repeated insult patch test) and showed no irritation or sensitivity in all 52 panelists.”

Despite some of the scary accusations made online, I had to give the product a fair shot. So I volunteered my face as tribute. Kylie said the product can be used as often as once a day, but because I don’t exfoliate that often I applied it about once a week instead. The texture felt less granulated than sand, and to be frank, I’ve used other physical exfoliators that feel more “scrubby” than this one. My face felt soft and smooth after each use, and I experienced no irritation.

Ultimately it’s up to you whether or not you want to take the risk and use a physical scrub (from Kylie Skin or any other brand for the matter). As for me, I enjoy it enough to continue using it in alternating with a chemical exfoliant.

Kylie Skin Vanilla Milk Toner

Out of all the Kylie Skin products, this was the one I was least excited to try (I’ll get to that in a minute). But it’s also the one that I was most obsessed with by the end of my testing period (Seriously!). Here’s why.

I ditched the toning step of my skincare routine a while ago when attempting to minimize my regimen. So I just didn’t really think I’d find this product necessary. On top of that, the fragrance worried me. I despise overly sweet-scented products and expected this to smell like exactly that. Boy, was I wrong!

The fragrance is incredibly mild, and while sweet, not at all overpowering. I find myself looking forward to the toning step each morning and night, which I’m completely shocked by. I also love the fact that it’s alcohol-free and much more hydrating than other toner’s I’ve tried before. The milky texture feels so soothing and nourishing, especially after spending a long day outside in the sun. Plus, after two months of use, I’ve barely made a dent in the bottle. I can’t wait to use this one up right until the last drop.

Kylie Skin Face Moisturizer

Kylie’s moisturizer won me over right off the bat for a few reasons. First: I love the packaging. The pump dispenser is much more sanitary than dipping your fingers into a jar, and the soft squeeze tube makes this great for travel.

As for the formula, it’s a great gel and cream hybrid. Like Kylie often says on her social media, the formula lays beautifully under makeup. The only downside for me was at times, I felt like it didn’t quench my skin quite enough. At night, I typically layer a nourishing face oil over my cream, so by only using this, I was left wanting more. However, if your skin is on the oily to normal side, it will likely pack in enough hydration. It’s a wonderful everyday moisturizer, but as Kylie continues to expand her brand, I hope she introduces richer formulas too.

Kylie Skin Vitamin C Serum

This product is probably my least favorite out of them all. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with it. The texture is lightweight, it absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky feeling behind. I didn’t notice a dramatic difference in my skin after using, but it also didn’t look that much better either. But my real issue with the vitamin C serum is the smell.

Let me preface by saying that when I first began using it, I had no problem with the scent. This particular product in Kylie’s line contains no artificial fragrance, meaning that whatever scent you notice is simply what the ingredients in the formula naturally smell like.

I started to become turned off to the serum after watching Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s YouTube review of the Kylie Skin collection. During the video, Dawson exclaimed “It smells like dog bacon!” when he applied the vitamin C serum. I never noticed it, but the second I got home that day, I pumped some on my hand and gave it a whiff. I hate to admit it, but Dawson’s description of the smell was spot-on, and now I can never not think of dog treats every time I use the serum. So unfortunately, this product’s a hard pass from me.

Kylie Skin Eye Cream

Like the moisturizer, I appreciate the packaging of this eye cream. It’s portable, easy-to-use and again, very sanitary. It’s quite a thick texture, but still didn’t cause my concealer to crease when applied in the morning.

Interestingly enough, the cream has a pale yellow hue which I noticed helps counteract much of the blue color under my eyes. However, there’s really nothing groundbreaking about the formula. At it’s core, this is a basic eye cream offered at a reasonable price point. It’s good, but won’t blow you out of the water with excitement.

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