I tried everything to get my child to sleep through – nothing worked until a special duvet set, it's a game changer

AS any parent will know, dealing with a child who wakes up multiple times in a night can be more than a little frustrating.

But when the reasons for waking are not to use the toilet or because of a bad dream, it's even more stressful.

However, the reality is that countless children are regularly waking up at night because they've managed to shake off their bedcovers or wriggle out from beneath the duvet.

Single mum Sophie was struggling with her daughter waking up on average around four times a night, and had tried almost everything to help her bid farewell to sleepless nights.

"My little girl has never been the best sleeper, always waking in the night, but approaching her fourth birthday I was being woken anything up to 4 times a night, every two hours on average, and this had been going for around a year," she explained.

"Having unsuccessfully tried everything to help her sleep through the night, I was feeling quite desperate.

"It is just me and my little girl, so no chance for someone else to help her (or me) at night time."

So she decided to give the Tuck n' Snug duvet set a try.

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Mumtrepreneur Annabel was motivated by her three-year-old son's wriggly sleep, and 1,095 consecutive sleepless nights, to create the unique duvet set.

The duvet cover has two flaps on each side and one at the bottom, all of which are tucked underneath the mattress to ensure the child can't kick it off during the night.

Similarly, the pillow has a flap on each side which again is tucked under the mattress, to prevent the pillow from being unduly moved during the night.

Once the flaps are secured, the sides of the duvet cover can be lowered down – giving the appearance of a normal duvet set.

The Tuck n' Snug set also gives parents peace of mind if their child is moving into a big bed, as it means they're unable to fall out – and there's no need for bed rails.

Since ordering the Tuck n' Snug set, Sophie's life has changed dramatically for the better.

"Since having the Tuck n Snug duvet set, I am being woken just once a night, for her loo trip," she grinned.

"So far, it’s been a huge success. I feel like a human again."

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